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Views from the Quaich

Loch Tay - view from The Quaich
Loch Tay is 15 miles long and just under 1 mile wide. It is slightly ‘S’ shaped and lies between the villages of Killin on the west, Kenmore on the east, Lawers to the north and Ardeonaig to the south.

The Quaich is situated on the centre curve of the ‘S’ and has a unique panoramic view south west down the loch towards Killin.

The views from the Quaich are absolutely fascinating and different every day of every season.  In sun, rain and wind there are colours, patterns and movement in the loch and the endless sky, that is quite hypnotising.

Fishermen and water skiiers are a regular feature on the loch - out enjoying their sport or hoping for a lucky catch.  Ducks bob around passing the time of day and swallows dance from level to level.

Many poems and songs have been sung about Loch Tay, the surrounding hills and the romanticism of the area.  

The Quaich offers a ‘get away from it all’ escape from the pressures of everyday life!

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